27 Dollar Book Writing Services

Thank you for your interest in my $27 Custom Kindle book writing service.

For only $27, I will write a 2000 word book for you.

For this offer, I only cover the following niches:

* Boosting productivity
* Personal Success
* Attitude
* Self-Discipline
* Persuasion skills
* Personal Magnetism
* Office Politics
* Meditation / Mindfulness
* Self-confidence
* Alpha male
* Leadership
* Creativity boosting
* Christian themes
* Personal spirituality
* Online money making methods
* Online marketing

Pricing is $27 per 2000 words for the topics above

If you would like to order a book about a niche that isn’t listed above, pricing is $67 per 3000 words. If you’d like to order that service, mention ‘$67 DEAL’ in your answer to the form below.

My $67 per 3000 word deal covers the following niches

All of the niches above PLUS

* Weight loss
* Financial planning
* Investing
* Dating

Fill out the form below if your planned book’s topic falls into one of the niches above. If they don’t fill out the form anyway and let me know about your specific topic. Also, please indicate if you already have a Table of Contents prepared.

If you need Kindle niche and market research OR book promotion services, please mention it in the form below and I’ll get back with information on a service package.

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